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Sangti Valley


Tranquil Sangti

Tranquil Sangti

Where Nature Meets Serenity

In the Sangti Valley, a beautiful place, a campsite called Tranquil Sangti was started. The people who made this campsite really liked the special birds called Black-necked Cranes. These birds are important and respected in the area because they bring good luck. They fly to the valley during winter, making it a special time which you can come and see at best campsite and farm stay in sangti valley, dirang

The campsite was made to be friendly to nature, like how the people in the area respect the birds. They try to take care of the environment and tell visitors about the importance of these birds. Tranquil Sangti and the cranes show how people and nature can live together and take care of each other, keeping the valley beautiful and peaceful.

black neck crane

Camping ground

Tranquil Sangti

Where Nature Meets Serenity

Unfold your adventure at best campsite and farm stay in Sangti valley, Dirang. Nestled in the serene Sangti Valley, our expansive grounds offer an authentic camping experience. Whether you opt for our deluxe tents, dome tents, or bring your own, revel in nature’s embrace. Immerse yourself in tranquility while enjoying our amenities and breathtaking vistas.

Deluxe Tent

Experience luxury in nature with our Deluxe Tents. Offering the perfect blend of comfort and adventure, these spacious accommodations are thoughtfully designed to elevate your camping experience. Revel in the tranquillity of the Sangti Valley while enjoying modern amenities in our Deluxe Tents.

Dome Tent

Immerse yourself in nature with our Dome Tents. Compact yet cozy, these tents offer a unique camping experience in the heart of Sangti Valley. Designed for adventurers seeking comfort, our Dome Tents provide a snug retreat while allowing you to connect intimately with the stunning surroundings

Bring your own tent

Tranquil Sangti

Prefer your personal camping setup? At Tranquil Sangti, we welcome adventurers who bring their own tents. Set amidst the picturesque Sangti Valley, our campsite offers designated spaces for self-pitched tents.

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Secure your slice of tranquility at Tranquil Sangti. Complete our user-friendly Booking Form to embark on your nature retreat. Customize your experience by choosing accommodations, selecting activities, and sharing any special requests. Let us curate your serene escape amidst the stunning Sangti Valley.

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Our story

Tranquil Sangti

It’s an inception of two nature loving entrepreneurs Nabaneel and Harsha from Guwahati partnered with a local friend Karchung to create an amazing stay experience to rejuvenate the concrete souls in the most bewitching beauty of Sangti Valley.

Shanky (nabaneel)


Karchung (Pem)

Savor Nature's Bounty

Indulge in a culinary journey with our thoughtfully curated menu, celebrating the essence of the Sangti Valley at best campsite and farm stay in Sangti valley, Dirang. From farm-fresh produce to local specialties, each dish tells a story of our commitment to authenticity and flavor. Delight in a diverse array of tastes, highlighting the vibrant culture and natural abundance of this beautiful region. Experience the richness of our farm-to-table offerings and savor the essence of Tranquil Sangti on every plate.